Queen's University Outdoors Club

Membership and Policies

The Queens' University Outdoors Club is a club open to any of those of the Queen's community who want to escape Kingston once in a while and experience some of the wild and wonderful things that Canada's wilderness has to offer.

The Club runs lots of trips, usually up to 2-3 per weekend! These trips include all skill levels, and range from basic hiking, canoeing and camping to more intense and involved activities such as mountaineering, white water kayaking, and even dog sledding and ice climbing - as well as everything in between! As a member, you can sign up for any of these, usually on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can check out some of our upcoming and past trips on our Calendar. We run our trips at cost - all the fees for each trip goes towards rentals, food and park costs.

In addition to all these trips, we also run a couple of other activities - such as the Portage-a-thon for Camp Outlook, and our Kayaking Clinics. Check them out!

We let everyone in the Club know about upcoming events in our weekly Scoop - it covers everything from upcoming trips to social events, Executive elections and more - if you'd like to join the Outdoors Club and get these notifications, all you have to do is fill out our online form and come pay the membership fee at one of our meetings!

Sign-ups for trips are announced at the weekly meeting 3 weeks in advance of the trip leaving. All sign-ups take place through a weekly sign-up for that is sent out as part of The Scoop. If you make the trip or the waitlist, you will get an email from your trip leading informing you of your next steps.

Most trips are welcome to any level of skill and experience, however some trips will require that you have some previous knowledge or physical ability - these trips will be listed specifically in the Scoop.

Most of our members, and many of our Executive, joined the club with no gear, outdoors knowledge, or experience. But after a few trips with the club, many picked up a wealth of knowledge and experienced some once in a lifetime adventures.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Outdoors Club brings with it quite a few benefits! Members of the QUOC are allowed to rent gear from our extensive collection without any additional fees, can sign up for any of our numerous weekend trips, and have the privilege of being a part of the coolest club on campus! To become a member, first you must fill out our online safety form, and pay for membership at a meeting.

Membership costs all go towards keeping the club running and keeping our store of equipment up to date and maintained. The costs are listed below, per person:

Duration Cost
Full Year $30
Single Term $20

We are not able to refund membership costs.